Monday, June 7, 2010

just me ranting...

The anticipation is killing me
(not really)
I am sick of my life
I am tired of being patient
and this thing called FAITH
can be wearing at times....
And yet somehow,
I find a reason to get up in the morning--
which just for the sake of argument
is MUCH earlier than i would normally be getting up or want to get up at,
and yet i do--without an alarm!

Waiting can be tiring--
so I guess i should be glad that i have something to keep me busy
even if it does require that i am working out in the heat--
doing a nasty job--
one that i would not be doing except for the fact
that you do,
what you have to do,
to make ends meet...
and i am thankful that our ends have been meeting,
that i have a job
(even if i am not loving/liking it right now)
I am thankful for the food we have to eat
I am thankful for the roof over my head
that we are all basically healthy
cars to drive
I am thankful for a loving husband
and his desire to find a job
Now if someone else could see that and offer him one i would be really
and yes i am thankful for this trial
I am learning about strength
and more lessons on PATIENCE
than i really care for...
I also know that this is not
because FOREVER is a mighty long time
and i mean to tell you...
(Oops sorry about the prince reference)
but seriously,
sometimes i feel like this is how it has always been
how quickly we can forget
I guess that is why we are given trials
to remind us that we are NOT alone
to remind us to have FAITH
and with that faith comes PEACE
and i do have PEACE...
I don't know why I am at peace?
why i am not all stressed out?
but i just know that things will (eventually) be OK!
and I am OK with that
although i would like a magic 8 ball to confirm it--
but in lieu of the magic 8 ball i will accept a call from my hubby
(who is at a job interview in Cali)
just telling me that he did well--
telling me he had a job offer would be even better
but i will continue to work on that thing called
for a know that one day soon that call will come....
and prayers will be answered.

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