Wednesday, June 22, 2011

growing up before my eyes

Kids have a way of growing up and changing. It is just the way it is. Happens whether we want it to or not.

2nd born son has been away at scout camp and now he is at wrestling camp. Wrestling camp is across town and they are actually rooming at the University. He has been gone for 5 days and will be gone for another 5 days. Seeing as how he forgot some stuff we ran over there today and hung out with him for a bit. In just the short time he has been gone it looked to me like he had grown. This kid is changing right before my eyes--it is only when i step back and reflect do i realize how much he is changing in such a short period of time.

Recently at his promotion they had some pictures of the kids. One of the mothers commented on how young the group of boys looked--more specifically my son. She said "Oh, that must have been sixth grade"--only problem was my son was not at that school in sixth grade. That picture was actually seventh grade--less than two short years and my little boy changed into a teenager. He now weighs as much-maybe more than his brother who is four years older and is now taller than his dad.

I have added some pictures over the past few years of him in his scout uniform so you can see the change as well

April 24, 2008--11 1/2

September 18 2008--11 years 10 months
August 20, 2009--12 years 9months
13 years 4 months
February 20, 2010
May 19th 2011--14 1/2
the most recent documented scout picture of how he is changing--
he finally got his LIFE rank officially--
yes it is already sewn on his uniform--i refused to take it off from when his brother got his
My/our goal if for him to get his EAGLE SCOUT before he outgrows his shirt.
At the rate he is growing it better happen sooner than later!

Monday, June 6, 2011


It was just a short while ago when i spoke about
things that should NOT be kept in the car when it gets hot.
One of the things on my list was SODA....
'member why?
Cause the cans will explode when it gets hot....
guess what???
Somewhere between Saturday night and Sunday afternoon i managed to forget my own advise.
Literally the tops popped.
I brought in the remainder of the cans to wash them off and i put them in the sink--
only to have one EXPLODE like a gun had gone off.
Then another one started shooting off like a geyser--
Nothing like sticky soda all over everything.
One more reason i should quit this bad habit...
but sometimes it just tastes so good....
but only when it is really cold and over ice....

which brings me to another story about soda....

A few years back when i was in New Hampshire working I was craving a soda to kick start my morning.
We had gone to breakfast at this little bar across the street from the hotel--it was yummy and i asked for a soda to go. I was expecting a soda in a cup with ice--not what i got. Instead i was handed a bottle of soda.
They did not have to-go cups and ice was rather a foreign idea. Later that morning we had to go to the airport to pick up some boxes--off we went. On the way back we figured we would find a gas station/convenience store and pick up a soda there. I live in the land of pharmacy's and convenience stores on just about every corner so i didn't think it would be a problem. Let's just say it was short of looking for a needle in a haystack. We did finally find a gas station that had a sign outside totting its grand opening. We thought we had struck gold. We walked in and walked around looking for the fountain drink machine--only it was not to be found. What convenience store does NOT have a fountain drink machine? When i inquired about soda he told me he had bottles. When i asked about ICE he responded to me. "Mame', 9 months out of the year when we want ice, all we do is stick our hand out the window." Case in point--I guess it gets cold there, so no real need for ice in the drink. Such a foreign idea that it actually is cold other places--although i am liking the idea of some cooler weather right now. I know that summer had only begun and i am already getting tired of it. The only way i will get through it is with LOTS of ICE...and maybe some Ice Cream