Wednesday, June 22, 2011

growing up before my eyes

Kids have a way of growing up and changing. It is just the way it is. Happens whether we want it to or not.

2nd born son has been away at scout camp and now he is at wrestling camp. Wrestling camp is across town and they are actually rooming at the University. He has been gone for 5 days and will be gone for another 5 days. Seeing as how he forgot some stuff we ran over there today and hung out with him for a bit. In just the short time he has been gone it looked to me like he had grown. This kid is changing right before my eyes--it is only when i step back and reflect do i realize how much he is changing in such a short period of time.

Recently at his promotion they had some pictures of the kids. One of the mothers commented on how young the group of boys looked--more specifically my son. She said "Oh, that must have been sixth grade"--only problem was my son was not at that school in sixth grade. That picture was actually seventh grade--less than two short years and my little boy changed into a teenager. He now weighs as much-maybe more than his brother who is four years older and is now taller than his dad.

I have added some pictures over the past few years of him in his scout uniform so you can see the change as well

April 24, 2008--11 1/2

September 18 2008--11 years 10 months
August 20, 2009--12 years 9months
13 years 4 months
February 20, 2010
May 19th 2011--14 1/2
the most recent documented scout picture of how he is changing--
he finally got his LIFE rank officially--
yes it is already sewn on his uniform--i refused to take it off from when his brother got his
My/our goal if for him to get his EAGLE SCOUT before he outgrows his shirt.
At the rate he is growing it better happen sooner than later!

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