Tuesday, August 11, 2009

the second first day

How can it be the first if it is actually the second?
Rather deep question...
--it is all in the perspective--
especially the perspective of the parent...
I am the outsider
--the observer--
the watcher and document keeper
and more often than not
--the picture taker....
but not this year, that job was relegated to the hubby.
He sent the next wave of kids off to their first day of school
First was the son in middle school

and then this cute punk was off--he loves the structure that school brings
These boys are the bus riders of the family and while i love the fact that their transportation is provided, freeing a bit of time up for me--i do miss the opportunity to be confined with my young teen to talk. Somehow when you are in the confines of a car there seems to be more opportunity to just chat--seems like i can focus on them and not the 50million things going on around me.

Since i have to get little man out of school early several days a week for therapy I still get the chance to chat with him. Unfortunately since he does not speak in complete sentences, I usually end up carrying on the majority of the conversation--
which at first is exciting too him--thinking he doesn't actually have to talk
and then he realized that he won't get a word in anyway
I am hoping that eventually he will carry his end of the conversation....

If there were no schools
to take the children away from home
part of the time,
the insane asylums would be filled
with mothers.

~Edgar W. Howe

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