Monday, August 10, 2009

first day of HIGHSCHOOL

What can I say??? The summer has flown by and i have been too busy/tired to blog--where did the time go? Truly i don't know--i can't remember other years going by so fast. I have heard it said that as your kids get older time moves faster--AND IT DOES--so much faster.

So today is the FIRST of three "first day's of school" in our house this year. I will have 5 kids at 5 different schools--two in two different high schools that started today--two in the elementary district that starts tomorrow and then the newest addition is college. When did i get old enough to have a child in college--i will just pretend she is one of those really bright 12 year old (instead of 19) that way i won't seem so old--it's all perception anyway.

This also marks a milestone in that i wasn't here to see them off this year--It was sad to me that i missed taking the kids pictures--but their dad was here so he got the privilege of taking their pictures and running them around--just one of the joys of being unemployed.

Here is the newest freshman in our house--she recently gave 12inches to locks of love--hence the new short hair

she is the my third child to be starting highschool--I am over half way done with this milestone. She will be attending the same high school her sister just graduated from and will start swimming with the high school team this afternoon--just when you think you are free of something, you get sucked back in.

Then there is this cute punk
He is attending the same highschool his dad went to--which is a different one than the daughter
not only is he not really excited about the first day of school
but his birthday is also today--poor kid
who knew that having an early August birthday would have it coincide with the first day of school--he could get his license today--but isn't--he has some more to do with his eagle and nothing beats time and experience behind the wheel. Hard to believe he is halfway through high school and he will be a junior this year--

like I said earlier time really does move faster when your kids get older

"The only reason for time
is so that everything doesn't happen at once.”

Albert Einstein

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