Monday, December 28, 2009

Bad Dreams

We all have had them at one time or another
Dreams that seem so real that when we wake up we are left wondering if it really happened or not.
I have had dreams where i have had entire conversations with someone only to find out that i really had not....
And then there are those BAD dreams
the ones that leave you cold
wondering if there is any truth to what you dreamed.
I have enjoyed watching the show Medium, although if i had her "gift", I am not sure i would want to go to sleep at night. There is something about the idea of dreaming of the dead and their sad stories that would keep me awake at night.

I remember when i was little i would have a re-occurring dream or nightmare as the case would be--especially for a little kid. To this day i remember the dream--odd as it was. Growing up in Colorado we had storm drains that were open on the curb side of the road and i was always afraid that i would fall into them--so i would go out of my way to avoid them when i was awake, but in my dreams it was a different story. I would dream that there were tar monsters (i think it goes back to when they would resurface the roads in the summer) and they lived in these drains. If you rode your bike (or trike in my case) over them they would grab you, roll you up into a tar ball and bowl you down the hill we lived on. Now i don't remember if they lived in all the storm drains--only the one across the street--
I would wake up scared and it would stay with me--and it kept me on my side of the street--away from the storm drain, just in case there was any truth to this dream i had i didn't want to find out.

Another dream/nightmare i remember having was when i was in my early 20's and working at the wave pool. I would dream about work...that in itself was not so bad but me dreaming i was handcuffed to the grates in the deep end of the wave pool seemed a bit too real when i woke up. I would dream that when the waves would start i could almost get a breath of air when the wave would crest on the other side of me--the word was almost. I don't think it is a healthy thing for a lifeguard to dream about drowning--it creeped me out and seemed real enough that i would NOT go near those grates under any circumstance--EVER

So those are the bad dreams that i can remember--i know i have had others--like the naked at work dreams, or the being chased by a murderer, or the classic falling--but none of my dreams have ever come true--THANK GOODNESS--until now.....

I dreamed on Christmas day that my husbands company called him up and told him that they were coming by to pick up his car and that he no longer had a job--OOOOOHHH the chills when i woke up. It left me cold...wondering...and then i thought this is silly--Hubby has a job--it is Christmas--laugh it off--so i did. I even told my hubby--we laughed at it, because it was just a dream--RIGHT????


Little did i know when i shared my nightmare with my husband on Christmas that it would only take a few days for it to come to fruition. I was out shopping and doing returns today when i got a call from my hubby that put my heart in my stomach. He told me in a rather stern manner (which made me mad) "STOP SHOPPING AND QUIT SPENDING MONEY" were his exact words. I thought "what is his problem?" and i even said that--He then replied "They just called from work and are laying me off and coming to get the car" I had a huge pit in my stomach and those words stopped me in my tracks. It was so similar to my dream/nightmare i had had just a few days prior.

We have been in this boat before--in fact only a few months ago and i had no idea that we would be here again so quickly. My hubby is torqued and so am I. We feel betrayed. We were willing to be loyal to them but we see how it is now days--you really do need to look out for yourself and do what is best for you. I hate that attitude--it is so selfish--but before we commit to another company we are gonna want to make sure that they have our back as least enough to give us a heads up or warning that things are not all rosy...

Speaking of roses...

Did i mention our anniversary is tomorrow?--for better or worse--and i guess this is just part of the worse we get to endure together. I know things can always get worser (not sure that is a word but it works for me) we are healthy, we have a roof over our heads, good kids and the support of each other--a job is doable--we will get through this together--now i only hope that i will have a good that has him getting a really GOOD job....

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