Tuesday, May 18, 2010

another milestone

There are things that you take for granted when you have "NORMAL" kids
(actually i would like to know what "normal" is?)
All my kids are "special" but my baby has what some refer to as "special needs"
So with that being said he continues to amaze me as his does "normal" things.
Things that are just your everyday "normal" milestones--
but for a kid that has to work hard to find "normal" they are moments of celebration
TODAY was one of those days.

This kid has always enjoyed puzzles--
not actually putting the pieces in them,
more like dumping them out
and watching me put them together.
I have gotten pretty good at his puzzles--
and i have been waiting for the day when he could do them--
TODAY was the day!

I sat in awe as i watched my little buddy match up the colors
and not only attempt to place them but SUCCEED

now if we could only find the pieces of the puzzle that he has already lost--
that will be the next major accomplishment...
one step at a time

Minor things can become moments of great revelation
when encountered for the first time--

Margot Fonteyn

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