Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Census meltdown

I have a short fuse--
sometimes it doesn't take much for it to go off and when it does
Stupid things really set me off
and don't even get me started on stupid people....

Tonight I have been enjoying a lovely evening at home
Kids running around, dinner in the belly
and curled up on the couch reading a book--
such peace and tranquility filled my heart....

and then the phone rang
and all calm and peace left me
and the blood pressure went up--
it is stupid that i let it bug me
that i got worked up over it
but...I did....

So what is it that set off my buttons you might ask?
A phone call that was redundant and stupid
even the person on the other line agreed that the questions were redundant
and yet she continued to ask them because she had to...

It was a phone call from the census
Now i want to go on the record
i think the census is important,
i was actually employed by the census 10 years ago
and that I did fill out this current census before it was due this time around
and i mailed it back in--
before it was due,
and yet i still got this phone call, questioning my answers.

I sorta tried to be patient (was not succeeding at it) as she read the long paragraph off her computer screen--OK i get it--you have to ask me some questions, get on with it. It was the repeating of what i had filled out that irked me--asking me the same question poised different ways that really set me off. LOOK LADY, I FILLED IT OUT LIKE YOU ASKED BEFORE THE DATE AND MAILED IT BACK--IT IS ACCURATE--YES ALL THE PEOPLE LIVED IN MY HOUSE BEFORE THAT DATE, ON THAT DATE, AND SINCE THAT DATE. NO ONE ELSE LIVED HERE--IF THEY HAD I WOULD HAVE PUT THEM DOWN--
UGH!!!! (just a taste of the convo that took place)

why bother to have me fill it out if you are just going to call me and go over EVERY question all over again--i am not an idiot--the census is not rocket science--but apparently they think we are not capable of doing it without their help--BARF--more government waste--all i saw as i was talking with this woman was my tax dollars going down the toilet--all on a day when we went to vote for a sales tax increase because my local and state government wants to spend more of my hard earned money--actually spend is not the right word--WASTE is more appropriate--just dang frustrated with the governments inability to stay on a budget and their solution is to take take take...more more more.

OK i am done--well sorta--i am sure i will have a melt down on some future date as i watch my hard earned money wasted on stupid things
things like phone calls that interrupt my quiet tranquil evening at home.


Annette said...

I know it totally maked me sick last night as they passed prop 100. I hated that they used our own kids to promote it. "aren't I worth one cent?" I had to explain to my kids that we will be paying close to 10% of our income if both props pass. ANd it had nothing to do with if they were worth one cent or if their teachers get to keep their jobs. It had to do with government not being responsible for the money that was intrusted to them in the first place. UGHGHGHGHGH

middle age mormon mother said...

2 new posts! What were you supposed to be doing that you didn't want to do???