Thursday, December 2, 2010

A jewish Christmas

Let me preface this by saying:
I love diversity.
I think we can appreciate each other for our different beliefs, and if what you believes makes you happy--
who am i to tell you that you are wrong?
I also believe we all need to be more tolerate of each other-
and learn about each other and what we each believe--
i think being open minded is a good thing
i think it makes us more well rounded when we step outside our box--
So if any of you read this and are offended--
or if i got facts wrong
I am sorry--
just remember i am not perfect
and i am not above being corrected....
So with that being said....
Sometimes i wish i was Jewish.
I know, sorta random and ya wanna know why?
I mean i already play the stereo typed part at times--
like when i tell random children (sometimes not even mine) to put a sweater on, usually because i am cold.
Or how about when i make far more food than is humanly possible to eat in one setting.
(not that you find me cooking very often,but when i do it is in abundance)
I have been accused of nagging, being pushy, and on the occasion, laying on a guilt trip.
(but only when needed)
Maybe this is not so much Jewish mother qualities, as they are MOTHER qualities--
and since i am a mother,
i am required to have those qualities,
and use them any chance i get.
Call them the superpowers of motherhood if you will.

But honestly i find the idea of Judaism appealing.
Take Hanukkah
for instance.
The ornamental/decoration set up is at a minimum.
A candle holder is about it.
No tree to pick out--
or if you go environmentally friendly to fluff.
No boxes full of ornaments to pull out,unwrap and hang.
No Nativities to set up, stockings to hang,
or Christmas goodies/cookies to bake.
And there is no need to feel guilty for not sending out Christmas cards.

The last few years has found my Christmas spirit lacking--
just not enough time in the days and weeks prior to Christmas to get it all done. In fact one year I was so far behind I just bought a new tree and ornaments and we set it up on Christmas Eve. 8 days of present giving--
I like the idea of spreading out the chaos
OK, sure i know these are superficial reasons,
but I also like Latkes--
(food is never considered superficial)
Just today i was talking with a friend who is Jewish about them. I made the comment "Ya know what would make Latkes even better?" Being a good sport and giving a gentile an opportunity to chime in on her holiday she indulged me and said, "oh yeah what?" I replied
"Frying them in bacon grease--
everything is better with bacon"
She gave me a look--and then i started laughing...
but seriously, potatoes fried in bacon grease?
Is there any thought more mouth watering heavenly?
Maybe that would keep me from being Jewish--
I sorta like my pork.


Lorraine said...

You don't have to be Jewish to NOT put up a tree and decorate it and the house. To not send out Christmas Cards.. (I never do). You don't have to be Jewish to cook Latkes.. The Polish and Slovaks have potato pancakes all year long especially at Fireman's Fairs in NEPA. (North East PA.) Yeah I like my Pork too! Love the bacon and bacon sandwiches. I hate Christmas because it's so commercial and my materialistic grown daughter still wants to unwraps lots of presents I can no longer afford. So she and her new husband are spending an arm and a leg on expensive gifts for their relatives. I have a small 4 foot tree and few table decorations out. That is all! That is enough. But I don't have little kids anymore. My son is 18 and he knows this years is a sparse holiday. I have Jewish relatives. (My aunt married a Jewish man long ago.) I don't know how elaborate they celebrate Hanukkah but it's true they ARE better off than we are! LOL

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