Wednesday, December 1, 2010


There is that old saying:
The more things change,
the more they stay the same.
I am feeling like that is my mantra right now.

Recently there have been some changes at work--
BIG changes...

13 years at the same job
same boss up until a year ago
same supervisor until today!
The one thing i really disliked about my job is gone.
She can no longer make my life miserable just for the fun of it.
She no longer has control.
And i feel a touch bit sad (sorta) for her,
but then again i believe you make your own bed
and you have to play nice with people
and she didn't.
Being competent helps too...

So i was hoping to get her job when she made her exodus.
But i didn't.
I would lie if i didn't say i wasn't disappointed.
I would lie if i didn't say i was ready for some change in my life, for some new responsibility.
Unfortunetly it it not going to happen like i wanted it to
so the question remains:
What am i going to do to make a change occur?
How am i going to step out of my comfort zone?
Maybe NOT getting this job is a good thing...
maybe it is the thing i need to force me to make my own changes
my own destiny....
lets see where this change will take me.

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