Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pitty party

My proverbial half full glass has been turned over and SPILT.
But i didn't cry over it--cuz it was milk...
and we don't cry over spilt milk.

I am tired of looking at that half full glass
It has been taunting me.
Some days I swear it is half empty.
Some days i think the contents contained within the glass
are sour--
sorta like my mood.

Feeling a bit frustrated with the speed bumps in life right now--
tired of hoping that things will work out--
tired of being disappointed when they don't.
TIRED of being positive and looking on the bright side of things
Just plain tired--
the thought of staying in bed and pulling the covers back over my head sounds wonderful.
Especially due to the fact it is {{{COLD}}} outside, and dark...
and it is far earlier than i have any real desire to be humanly awake.
Shutting the world and all its demands out sounds even better...
I can't.
I have to pull my sorry butt out of this toasty warm bed.
throw on some clothes.
put a smile on my face and appear like all is well with the world,
when really right now i feel like...
life SUCKS.
But i do it, cuz i like having a roof over my head,
and a car to drive,
and that little thing called food i find rather attractive as well.

Tomorrow I will tip my glass up.
Find something to fill it with,
and try to think of it as half full.
I know i am blessed,
just right now I am not being blessed the way i want to be...
I'll get over it


Melanie said...

Love you!

Annette said...

Hang in there LeighAnn! I wish I could say the right thing but all I can think of, is Hang in there. I will always be grateful for the Day you Saved me when My glass fell off the table and shattered on the floor.
I love you and think about you often. I don't know why Gilbert and Tempe seem so far away but they do.