Friday, January 21, 2011

Once upon a time there was this girl.

She liked to blog.

She liked to write about the sweet things in life.

She found ironies in life and wrote about them.
like take for instance the irony of a confederate flag in the parking lot of Gettysburg

(Does anyone else see the heart on the chocolate bar?
I think not! )

She liked to document what was going on with her family

and occasionally post pictures to go along with it.

She enjoyed this task,
and the creativity that she felt when she did it.
(especially while painting in a thong)

Then life got in the way.

She felt as if she was being attacked from all sides

Or run over,
Putting her lights out,
or maybe just leaving her laying on the ground flashing.

or perhaps just stretched too thin.

She felt as if she had become a robot.

She had became really tired from burning the candle at both ends

and she had ceased having any creative thoughts.

She covered her head in shame

Her mind had become a jumbled blob of molten rock

She was frustrated with not blogging and sat down to write one night.
The words poured out of her.

She was on FIRE!

When she went to correct her spelling she found out that she had been kicked off her Internet connection and everything she had written was GONE.
This made her rather grouchy.

She was sad and frustrated.

Being a good sport she tried again.
Typing away and then she realized that
once again, technology laughed at her attempt.

-the evil sort of laugh that technology has-
Too tired to battle with the computer she went to bed.
Her blogging mo-jo had been defeated
and her blog remained un-updated.

The End

(this post turned out much longer than originally intended--that happens when you have time on your hands and can go back through pictures. Majority of pictures came from our trip to DC)


Melanie said...

I miss you! Hang in there. You are amazing, that has to be the longest burning candle ever.

middle age mormon mother said...

I miss that girl. I hope she finds her mojo again sometime soon. Perhaps she should ask her Jojo if she's seen it. Thanks for the morning laugh. It felt good to share in some of your humor again.

Annette said...

Sweet Blog! Even though your mind became a jumbled blob of Molton Rock!