Sunday, January 30, 2011

other peoples creative-ness

Here it is Late on Sunday night.Unfortunately Monday morning at work is just looming around the corner. A good long nap rejuvenated me today. Can I just say I love early church so I can nap in the afternoon? I really should be in bed but instead i am up watching a marathon of Criminal Minds and checking out random blogs. Watching Criminal Minds alone, late at night really isn't the smartest thing but it just seemed to suck me in. Luckily the cute blogs i have been looking only has me half concentrating on Criminal Minds. I am in AWE at what people can accomplish--the creativity that is out there is
How about this lady who stenciled her ceiling???

I loved it. It sorta made me feel like an underachiever? Why hadn't i thought of that--The real sad part of finding this fantastic idea is that the majority of my ceilings have all been treated with embossed wall paper (now those were fun projects in which i am in debt ed to a number of friends for) It makes me want to get up off my butt and get creative- and then i get overwhelmed at what i NEED to accomplish so instead I remain sitting here instead. Can I just say I was so impressed with some of the Valentine decorations that i saw it almost made me want to decorate for Valentines Day--and i HATE Valentines Day.
Maybe the word HATE is a bit strong--
perhaps i should substitute LOATH or DETEST--
yes it is more along the line of that I DETEST Valentines Day. I love the idea of expressing LOVE to those you have in your life--I just resent the idea of Hallmark telling me when to do it. I despise the idea that restaurants, flower shops gouge you on that particular day. Maybe i shouldn't hold back and tell you how i really feel. LOL. Early in our marriage, actually i think when we were dating, dear hubby and i agreed that we would for all practical purposes BOYCOTT Valentines day. The agreement was that he would by me flowers through out the year--just because he saw them and thought of me. He is good like that--and usually it is far cheaper than the one bouquet on Valentines day.

I still think it would be fun to decorate for various holidays--maybe when i get my life in order i will do the mean time here are some ideas i found that intrigued me for future use

i liked these rose balls--they were made out of crepe paper. Who doesn't have some leftover streamers floating around--scary part is that i know right where mine is? Why? Why do i know that and why do i have it is the real question?

I wasn't so crazy about how the heart was covered but i loved the open frame and the be mine.

i love the vintage look of these hearts
i think this paper flower topiary would add some nice height to a shelf
this is a frame that you can use for various holidays as the ornaments are interchangeable

i love the burlap look against the black rustic frame

and here i fell in love with the depth and layers on the mantel. It really spoke to me. The hanging heart in the middle was made with polka dot cupcake liners--so stinkin cute!

The problem i found in surfing blogs was that i failed to mark or keep pictures of ones i liked until i was into it for awhile so some of my favorite mantels are only pictured in my head--I couldn't find them again to post the pictures. Like much of my life I will just have to add these things to my list of things i want to do--

Guess i better quit dreaming about having time to do this stuff and really go to bed--night all

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middle age mormon mother said...

I agree with you. There are some amazingly talented people out there, but don't they have lives? Where do they find the time and the energy to be creative? Oh, I know they probably spend their time creating rather than reading about what other people have created.
I have some pink crepe paper in my living room right now (thanks to one of my children). Now I know what I can do with it! Also, if you want to stencil a ceiling I have a few you could work on. We'd just have to scrape all the popcorn off first, but you could do that in your spare time, right?