Sunday, April 10, 2011

POINGO and Sunday with the BOYS

Ah Sunday--a day of rest. Usually you can find me taking full advantage of the rest part... buried under the blankets in my bedroom enjoy an afternoon nap. I guess with the day off yesterday, that eliminated my need for a nap. Instead i spent the afternoon hanging out with my boys upstairs, while my girls were buried under blankets, taking naps in their room. Maybe that has something to do with fact that girls(for the most part)could care less about Sunday sports. I really didn't care who was playing or even won the US Open (at least i think that was the golf tournament) The men on the other hand acted as if they had a vested interest. Little man has had these Poingo books. He LOVES them. Months ago his little poingo stick quit working. If you know our little man he does not give up when he wants something-- needless to say that the inoperable poingo stick was a large source of consternation for US as well as him. He just could not understand WHY it was not working. I called the company and they sent us a new one--problem was it was the NEW one. As in: they redesigned the toy and the new one would not work on our old books. Well now that was no good. In fact the new one had a major flaw in my mind--it had these things that you had to plug into the stick in order to make it work. If that was how it had been when i originally gotten the books i would have NEVER bought it. Who needs parts to lose? Never mind the fact that each time you change books you have to change cards--which means we as the adults would be in charge of that. The old one was much easier and user friendly--he didn't have to plug anything in and the only thing he would lose would be the books or the stick itself. I called the company and to see if i could get the old version of the stick sent to me. NOPE! They no longer make it? Well i did proceed to tell them what i thought of their new design and explained as a parent the major flaw. Was there anywhere i could get one of these sticks??? Again i was told that they no longer manufacture them and have NONE in their warehouse--SIGH--what is a mom to do? Well as i was talking to the Poingo man i had googled Poingo on my computer, and low and behold there was a site that was selling this little golden stick. I NEVER buy anything off the computer--but this was dropped into my lap. Not only did they have the original poingo they also had some other books for CHEAP. I could not resist...I knew how happy it would make my little man . And HAPPY he is! This little boy has been playing with these for the last two day It has kept him busy for most of the day. While i was taking pictures of little man and his books, i took the opportunity to aim my camera at the rest of the people in the room. Ever feel like everyone is against you? once they figured out that i had a camera in hand they quickly buried their faces even the dog who had been resting her head on a pillow lifted it up and turned away and then she gave me a yawn to show how bored she was with the whole process even my husband got in on the obnoxious picture face--

the finger on the nose was just for the camera here he is with the glazed over golf look and here is the whole reason the camera was in the room to begin with.

My husband wanted a picture of the three boys hanging out together I know it won't always be like this.

I wish i had gotten a picture of the two older boys sleeping on the couch together...

so sweet...reminded of me of when they were little--

somedays i wish we could go back...

like when they actually liked getting their picture taken

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Anonymous said...

Ok, it was the Masters not the US Open, that is my fathers day gift allowing me to watch the US Open.