Sunday, April 3, 2011

Recieving inspiration in my jammies

Can I just say I LOVED today?
I sorta feel like i played hookie--
only without any guilt attached to it.
Twice a year we get a free pass to stay home and watch church on TV. I think it should be more of a quarterly thing-- but twice a year is good.
Conference is a blessing--
the talks were inspired
and i can hardly wait to read them again--
there were things said that i know i need to apply to my life.
Things i need to work on--
things i needed to hear and be reminded of.
It was awesome.!

The best part of staying home and watching Conference/church on TV is that I spent the ENTIRE day in my jammies--
Everyone was home today--ALL DAY.
I had all the kids surrounding me.
I loved watching them play with Lego's,
each other and just hanging out.
I loved taking a time out-- not having to run different ways.
Sorta felt like Christmas--
My oldest son and i talked about when the next time conference came in October he would more than likely be in the mission field--no staying in pajama's for him then. Just reminds me of how these moments are fleeting--

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