Friday, April 1, 2011

Not an April Fools joke

Today the most cruel of April Fools joke was played on us in Phoenix.The weather man had been telling us for days to expect a unusual high of 98 degrees. We thought for sure it had to be an April Fools joke... Unfortunately it was NOT.! In a cruel weather dichotomy, we were blessed with 100 degrees of HEAT, while those in the northeast were being blessed with... another snowstorm.

(this picture is actually was taken outside of Flagstaff-- but it just goes to show that if i want snow, i only need to drive a few hours) Although I am grateful for the fact that I do not have to shovel sunshine, I felt that 100 degrees on April 1st, was not called for. Sometimes (well more often than naught) I forget that while we live in a warm sunshiny state, other places are still freezing. Today, while i am pulling out my shorts to expose my winter-y, pasty white legs,

those living in the cold are wrapping up as to not expose any skin-- lest it be frozen off.

I can hardly wrap my mind around the fact that while we are having record highs, others are out shoveling snow. I feel guilty wishing that our cooler weather would return--I am not ready for the heat to take over my life. I have enjoyed dressing in layers. I have liked wearing jeans, and socks and tennis shoes. I hate these weird weather days--cool when you get up, and you dress for that only to be TOO warm just a few hours later. Don't get me wrong i love being WARM--just not HOT. I love the sunshine, but not the: burn your skin off, and melt your remains HEAT, that comes with the sun in the summer. I have enjoyed our cooler weather-- WHY MUST IT END???

I know like everything else this too shall end. Just like my life, everything goes in cycles, and if we had perfect weather all the time, what would we have to complain about? I know it will get cooler again before the blaring un-ending summer heat hits us. I guess I am just not ready to be reminded of what is coming around the corner.{{{SIGH}}} Just one more thing i have no control over in my life--but that's OK. I don't want to be a weather god, or mother nature--far too much responsibility--just can not please everyone all the time. Sometimes you can't help but have your parade rained on

Sometimes weather makes for an interesting afternoon

and clouds make for beautiful sunsets

and who doesn't want to be reminded that Rainbows do come out.

To remind us of the HOPE that the lord gives us.

So heat do your best to beat me up and wear me out. I know it will only be a matter of months before it will be cool again and in the meantime while i wait for those wonderful days to come... I will be working on my farmers tan.

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