Thursday, May 21, 2009

rain or shine it's graduation time

this week has been a blur--
one HOT blur--
until today that is.
We had eighth grade promotion this morning--
it was a lovely albeit cool morning--
a pleasant surprise given the last week or so of 100+ degree days
I was hoping that the cloud cover would stay around
so when it came time for graduation it would not be ridiculously hot--
the only problem was--
with that wish of cloud cover

came some side effects--
like in the form of RAIN--

When was the last time it actually rained in Arizona--
HMMMM--don't know and can't remember
it has been awhile....
We have had a dry spring
and because of the lack of rain
we haven't had alot blooming which i am thankful for.
It had been drizzling lightly
and then ten minutes before it was due to start
the heavens opened up and the rain came pouring down
and here came the graduates--i actually was able to pick out my daughter and her semi wavy hair (it had been curled but rain has the effect of straightening it) She was able to pick us out of the crowd and gave us a cute wave acknowledging the fact we were sitting in the rain
and then the graduation ceremony continued on--as if rain was an everyday occurrence.
Notice how wet the track is...Did the principal cut her talk short--UMMMM--NOOOO. She had to acknowledge all the important people by name that were sitting in the rain with the rest of us--at that point--WHO CARED?--Let's just get on with it already Finally the moment came of the actual diplomas being given came. There were teachers there to help the girls up the ramp
and teachers to help them down--lest they take a spill. Her anatomy/physiology teacher was there to help her down and gave her a bad time about wearing heels in the rain and she still managed to make it back to her seat in one piece-no worse for the wear just a tad bit wet as the case maybe. Maybe they should have been wearing rain panchos instead of gowns.

It is a good thing that with swimming for all those years she has practiced the wet look--and has it down--even looks cute....

her aunt and uncle braved the weather with us--they are half way done with their graduations-
last year their sons was moved inside because of the weather--who would think two years in a row that this would be an issue

and then come rain of shine grandma is always there for her grand kids

and finally both of us got in a picture together with our first born
--our first graduate.
Even without the rain--
this will soon be an evening that will NOT be forgotten

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