Saturday, May 16, 2009

new bracelet

If you know me
you know i am not about the "bling".
When it comes to my jewelry i am a pretty simple girl
i like my bracelets--
jangling,fun bracelets.
While at the show this weekend a woman had some bracelets that she had made from old typewriter keys--very fun novel idea.
i found myself pulled to this one....

I loved the message
I do believe that
especially that night---after i had lost my wallet with my ID and credit cards, cash, room key--my life essentially--I was in a panic--how was i going to get onto the plane? About the time when i was really stressed i found out that it had been turned into the hotel front desk--with everything still intact--cash and all.
LIFE WAS GOOD--i believe that more know than ever, and am so grateful that i now have something to remind me of that fact
Then upon closer examination i had to laugh
for the typewriter key that was chosen before the word good

i guess on some days life IS only 1/4 good--but that is still good, and then those days it can be 1/2 good---I guess they don't make a 100% key and that is not very realistic anyway--i will take this bracelet and cherish it and the memories that surround it--

LIFE IS GOOD--just one more thing to remind me of the fact

I think the next bracelet will say SO BLESSED....

Oh funny story--after i got the bracelet i was showing it to my girlfriend and she made the comment that you could tell the keys came from different typewriters since some of them were shaped different than others--like the two "O's" for instance--in which i reminded her that they would have to be from different typewriters since no typewriter had two O keys--we laughed at this blond moment...maybe you had to be there....maybe you had to be sleep deprived...but we were cracking up.....

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middle age mormon mother said...

I love the bracelet and the message. So you!