Friday, May 15, 2009


i don't know if i spelled my title right or not and since it is a Yiddish word i believe-trying to find it proved interesting. It is amazing the things you find when you Google words

My oldest called me this afternoon--just a normal day i thought
I was working at the convention when i got the call....
"Mom, I am done with school"
this was not an unusual statement--
often she would call me to tell me she was home and done for the day...
but today it was different....
the meaning was different...
"I am done with High school" she said.
All of a sudden--standing among many woman i got teary eyed
i could barely speak.
It had hit me like a ton of bricks
memories came flooding through my mind
and i realized she had grown up
She was done--she was moving on to bigger and better things
This milestone had come and gone
a door had been shut
and there i stood looking at it with tears in my eyes....

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