Monday, May 18, 2009

cat in the backyard

There are CAT people and there are DOG people
and a few can manage to love them both in harmony.
We are dog people...
cats are not even an option in our home.
I do not like cats that come into my yard--
or cats that creep along the top of my fence just to antagonize my dogs.
And i really DO NOT like the cats that choose to squeeze into my attic and have cat fights in the middle of the night--OHH...the screams....
and I really do not like the fact that a cat chose my attic to die in right before we went on vacation--leaving us a awful stench to come home to
(thank you dear hubby for taking care of the body removal)
With all that being said---when a cat decided to have kittens in our shed and abandon them--
i did bottle feed them and found them homes...
No animal deserves to be born just to starve to death--not even a cat.
If they would stay kittens i might consider liking them--
but they don't....
and some cats have just liked to terrorize me
But i am here to say that i was thrilled at this CAT in my yard

I think it is a TOM-CAT and he is welcome anytime he wants to make improvements


Annette said...

Are you getting a POOL?

middle age mormon mother said...

This is not the kind of cats I have in my backyard. At the moment I have jungle cats who love my backyard jungle. Does this cat prowl in other neighborhoods? By the way, what are you accomplishing???