Thursday, May 21, 2009

bitter sweet transition

today was a day of transitions--
this was a day that i felt was far away
and now it is here.
Where did the time go--
did i blink? like the song says--
and years pass before i even realized it?
My middle child is now a high school freshman

just as i have one leaving another one starts-- and so the circle continues for the next few years--
in two years the next punk will be graduating and hopefully leaving on a mission shortly there after. and then the next two in tow...
moving all too quickly for my liking.
Was it only four short years ago i was discussing this day with my son just after i had dropped the oldest off for her first day of high school--I remember getting teary eyed at the idea of how quickly this time would fly and now here it is?!
Bittersweet transition....
something that we have been working towards...
I made the mistake and blinked
and now it leaves me with tears in my eyes and an ache in my heart--


Anonymous said...

This was a beautiful blog. It brought tears to my eyes. Your Mom

middle age mormon mother said...

This was where I stood 7 years ago. It seems like such a short time ago. Now, one more year and I am done. Totally and completely done. No more kids in the public school system. I agree with you - very bittersweet. In some ways it sounds so wonderful and in other ways it is so very, very sad. Congratulations on the graduates!