Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Seminary graduation

Another milestone moment of this week.
We had the opportunity to see my daughter receive acknowledgement for the four years of seminary attendance that she participated in.
What a blessing those four years have been.
I have seen her knowledge of the scriptures increase
and her testimony of the savior grow.
She has a good foundation of why she is here...
and her purpose on earth.
She has been taught the things that will bring her everlasting happiness--
she chose to graduate.
We did encourage her to fit seminary in her schedule--
but ultimately attending was her choice.
I know it gave her balance to her crazy high school days
and i am grateful for the time she spent out of the "world"
--even it was for only an hour a day.
I am grateful for her encouragement of daily scripture reading.
I know the things that she was taught will help her as she goes out in the world--
and that in times of trouble she will be able to reflect back on them,
and they will help her in making life's choices.
I am grateful and proud that she stuck it out--
saw it through
and chose to finish....

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