Thursday, May 21, 2009

eighth grade promotion

This is an Arizona tradition I have never understood,
but i just go along with it.
I don't understand how or why it was ever started,
but for some reason they feel the need to continue on with this tradition.
I guess it had gotten out of hand many years ago with limos and expensive dresses and people making such a big deal out of it that they have tried to scale it down--
and scale it down they have....
right back into the classroom.
My other two that have "promoted" atleast they did it in the cafeteria--
and there was a stage and speeches....
about 30 minutes worth of a program...
This child got a speech read from the principal

and a very nice talk from her teacher on how to succeed in high school,
and it was said that the reason they were going to the small classroom situation was so they could give more personal attention to the students...
somehow we failed to see any of that actually transpire--
names were read and certificates were given with no mention of additional awards--like those given for grades
photo op's were limited...

we did manage to have her poise with each of us--just to let her know how proud we are of her.
Call us crazy but we expect our kids to go onto high school--we have never felt that a celebration was called for just because you completed 8th grade---
but we don't want to be the loser parents who don't show up when everyone else is there--but is it really worth taking work off for such an uneventful thing--for 15 minutes of being crammed into a hot classroom? I say "just do away with the whole thing"...but that is just my opinion...Although if they had done away with it, I would not have gotten this picture of her

Meet the newest McClintock freshman...doesn't look like an 8th grader anymore--
goodbye uniforms hello regular cute clothes....

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