Tuesday, May 19, 2009

End of the year dread

Sometimes i feel a bit dense.
In my mind i know that something is going to occur--
and yet it doesn't seem real--
I know that this is the last week of school and yet i think i am in denial--
until today and for some reason it just hit me--
that it really IS the last week of school.
Not even the last week, we are actually down to just days...
It is not that i don't love having my kids home for summer vacation--
i totally enjoy the relaxed pace that summer brings--
i don't dig the heat that the summer brings but we have learned to adjust.
I think i dread the last week of school because all the routine we have know all year is over--
we have to re-adjust...
I think i dread the last week of school because that means another school year is over
which means my kids are advancing another year
they are getting older
they are moving on
and sometimes i just want time to stand still...
so i guess that is where my denial comes in--
if you don't acknowledge it--it doesn't happen...
Well maybe not--
at least in my mind it does slow down the process just a bit....

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