Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rain brings out the procrastination in me

I have today OFF!!
I can't even begin to tell you how happy/content that is making me.
Knowing i could sleep in...
and wouldnt'cha ya know it,
I was awake at 7am.?
So much for REALLY sleeping in--
but i did stay in bed...
and that my friends,
is thee BEST!

I have been abandoned by the entire family.
I am home ALONE--
peace, quiet and tranquility.

I should sorta feel guilty cuz i sent the older boys with little man to attend an Easter egg hunt at church. Sometimes i LOVE having extra drivers and being able to pawn off unwanted tasks. I am trying to feel guilty-- but it is not working.

Instead i am watching the rain fall outside,
listening to it with my window open,
and I am feeling grateful for the fact
that i am curled up under a blanket.
Warm and toasty... (
was it only a week ago we were having a record high of 100 degrees,
and now we are having a record low for a high?)

I am telling myself that the boys are bonding--
and they are probably sharing the candy in the eggs--
we all know i don't need the candy--it is better that they are there to share.
Afterall we know that boys never outgrow easter egg huntsas documented here.

I should get up and be motivated,
but i recently read this article on Procrastination...
I didn't actually finish the article,
but the part i read said it can't be helped,
that we are wired that way.

So many things to do today.
I guess i need/should make a list of priorities.
Where to start?
Maybe i will just sit here a few more minutes
and debate that eternal question.
Just me and the dog hanging out.....

So the hubby and I and the son we are preparing to send on a mission, are each working on reading the Book of Mormon by June 1st. We thought we would have each family member do it, but we have some less than willing participants --AHHH--free agency. Don't ya just love it sometimes? I realize that June is just around the corner-- why is it so hard to motivate myself to sit down and read-- I mean, I just finished a trilogy of books in less than three weeks?. My sweet hubby found a website that breaks down the reading into bite size pieces. You put in the date you want to finish and it sends you an e-mail each day with your reading task--
I think i can do it.
I take it back--
I WILL do it.
I just need to quit procrasinating...

Any task in life is easier
if we approach it with the one at a time attitude. ...
To cite a whimsical saying;
'If you chase two rabbits, both of them will escape.'
No one is adequate to do everything all at once.
We have to select what is important,
what is possible,
and begin where we are,
with what we have.
And if we begin
and if we keep going the weight,
the worry,
the doubt,
the depression will begin to lift ....

We can't do everything always,
but we can do something now,
and doing something
will help to lift the weight and lessen the worry,

'The beginning,' said Plato, 'is the most important part.'
--Richard L. Evans, Thoughts for One Hundred Days
i am off to catch one rabbit at a time--
even if i bite off more than i can chew--
if i concentrate on chewing it one bite at a time,
eventually i will be able to swallow--
here is to not choking on my list!

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