Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Frustrations and a change of heart

Can I say, "it" is doing IT again.
Just trying to post this entry is making me CRAZY!
Talk about my own frustrations--

I had written the post about the "FUN" we have been having. I posted it--
only to have the format get whacked out--
I finally gave up and threw it back into my drafts until i had time to get it worked out. My hubby thought i had taken it off my blog, because i felt bad about writing about him --NAHHH-- just the computer was in non-compliance. It has taken me two days to finally get it up so it looks right. I gave up trying to center it... or highlight, or emphasize any more words. For some reason it seemed to wig out any time i tried to do that.

I am leaving it alone.
It is what it is...
(having the same problem with this post,
anyone else having this problem?)

A few months ago I had interviewed for a promotion at my work (As noted here), i didn't get it.
Guess what?
I am really OK with the fact it did not work out. I like the guy (Mr.X) quite well, who did get the job. Even though he is still learning about different aspects of the job he is doing pretty well. He is teachable and actually listens to those who know what is going on (ie: ME--LOL) It has been fun helping him out. He has strengths where i had weaknesses. He has changed the whole feeling in the office. It is actually a fun place to go to work now.

One day I was talking with Mr.X about his getting the job, and having a husband who has and IS currently going through unemployment, I have an understanding and empathy for what Mr.X went through prior to getting the job. He too had dealt with unemployment. That day I came home and told my husband that i was glad Mr.X got the job over me. He needed it more.!
I really do believe things happen for a reason-- often we can not see the big picture,
and it takes time and the ability to reflect back
to see how things play out.
Things worked out for the best--
I am still figuring out what it means for me?
...but i know in not getting the job,
it will only leave me more opportunities in the end.
We may not always like how things turn out--
we may not understand it at the time,
but in the end we need to remember who is really in charge of our life...
HE has a plan for us--
which we may not know about.
We have to put our trust and faith in his hands.
HE knows what is best.
HE has his timing.
HE is refining us,
molding us,
and if we let him,
HE can and will make us into more than we could ever hope to be.
It is hard being patient and waiting on HIS timing.
I have to remind myself of these truths.
I need to work on my faith.
I need to work on my patience.
I need to remember that things happen for a reason,
and as much as I would like to think
I am in control of my life--
I'm NOT.
What can I say?
I am just a work in progress.

“All of us are guinea pigs
in the laboratory of God.
Humanity is just a work in progress.”
Tennessee Williams

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Annette said...

Here is to Works in Progress! Love this Post!