Friday, March 11, 2011

Tragedy makes us reflect

Why is it that it takes something TERRIBLE to make me step back and realize how truly blessed I am? Has it really been 7 years since i woke just after Christmas to see the devastation that took place in Indonesia? Bad things are not supposed to happen around Christmas. While we were celebrating and spending time with family for the holidays, others across the world were looking for their loved ones amongst the ruble and debris of an earthquake and subsequent Tsunami. I remember being paralyzed for days after, sitting in awe as i watched the images play out on TV. How could something so horrible have happened? Then slowly we resumed our "normal" lives and went about our business as usual. My life went on and only on occasion did i give this tragedy a second thought. It was only today when i started thinking about it again that i can hardly believe that it was that long ago.

Once again while i was sleeping safe and sound in my home, across the world those in Japan were living out their worst nightmares. It is not something that they will just be able to wake up from either. It will be on going for months/years. It was something that no one had any control over...I think that is when you feel so small in this world, to realize we have very little control of what happens in our lives. I have been thinking about those families that sent missionaries over to Japan. What faith to send your child half way around the world. All you can do is pray that they will be safe...and they have been. What a blessing. I only hope that while they are there that they will be able to console the weak and broken.That they can give the aid to those who need it since we can't. It will be many many years of healing for the Japanese. Long after it is no longer in the news, long after it has been placed in the history books as the horrific event that it is, they will still be dealing with it. I need to remember to be thankful for my blessings, for my safety. And i need to remember after it is no longer the headline news story that those in Japan,they will still need my prayers.

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