Wednesday, March 16, 2011

whip something up

I am growing up...
hard to believe that after 42 years
(i think that is how old I am?)
I am still willing to try new things
that i am not soooo set in my ways
and that i am willing to step outside of the box.

When it comes to food
i think i am pretty open to trying new things-
at least that is what i think until i watch some of these food shows and then i think, well, maybe I'm not.They eat some shall we say exotic (ie: Nasty) stuff on some of these shows. Then there are the overeating shows that just gross me out. Whatever the case, I might not be willing to eat the "exotic" stuff--not that i have many opportunities but I am willing to eat things that were previously on my "not quite my favorite list". Not that this list was very long.

So what was on this list
that previously i would not eat, that now i do?

Cabbage--love it on tacos and a good coleslaw. This does not mean that i love all coleslaw--just some. I love cooked cabbage and love it sauteed in butter with onions. Honestly can you go wrong with anything cooked in butter?
I think not.

Brussel Sprouts--or when i was little i would refer to them as mini cabbages. My oldest brother would request them for his birthday dinner every year--I think he didn't like them so much as he just wanted to torment us by having to eat them. Somewhere along the line my family has adopted their like for this little vegetable and often it can be found on our table for Sunday dinner. Still not my favorite food and i probably won't request it, but i don't mind it.

With me growing up and eating brussel sprouts this has caused my husband to do the same...only with asparagus. Previously, just the mention of this pencil shaped vegetable would send him into a gag reflux.(i am serious when i speak about the gagging--even the thought or smell and he would be gagging--he swore he would NEVER eat it EVER!!!) I loved the vegetable so subsequently it made its way into our fridge and on the table until one day he actually ate it(after much persuasion and a few bribes) and he liked it--now he buys it, and prepares it.

The last veggie wasn't so much a dislike as it was more of an indifferent feeling toward it. Cauliflower. I found i liked it made this way but honestly it was loaded with a ton of calories so it has failed to make its way back to our table. Tonight though, my husband made a lighter version that was equally tasty with what he topped it with. He panned fried it briefly with some fresh garlic and then steamed it. Instead of potatoes as the base he whipped the cauliflower with a little butter and milk in the blender. It was great--so much lighter and not starchy like potatoes.

So this is what dinner was.
Doesn't it look pretty.
It starts with a scoop of whipped cauliflower. It was a nice creamy contrast to the sweet chunky fresh tomato sauce--and then you've got the stalks of asparagus to add a crunchy bite with the tender pan fried chicken.

So delish

So glad my husband is willing to whip up dinner for me.

I am glad that he has us try new and different things
I am glad that he keeps me
fat and happy.
well, maybe not the fat part,
but the HAPPY.

By the way--the item still on my list
doesn't matter how old i get,
or grown up and open minded i feel....
I am just not going there any time soon

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