Friday, March 18, 2011

Ramblings at two in the morning

Don'tcha hate when you have been tired for most of the evening but not enough to sleep? It's not even that my mind is moving a mile a minute--cuz it's not. It is vacation and my body is freaking out at the knowledge that i can sleep in--and i have been. It has been so nice--even little man has slept in--i mean REALLY slept in. Why must school start back up next week? Actually I should not be complaining because we are in the home stretch from here on out--in fact graduation for number two child is but a short nine weeks away--AHHHHH. So hard to believe--
Note to self:
Need to schedule senior pictures
son needs haircut prior to them being taken
Need to buy cap and gown
Need to pinpoint son on how he wants his announcements to look so i can start creating the masterpieces

I have determined tonight that i am NOT a good a home movie watcher--and when i say home movie it is not about HOME movies--those little gems of entertainment from when your children were little.--NO. I am actually talking about movies that were once in the theater that are now available to be watched in the comfort of your home. I find it just takes far more attention than i can give when i am at home. I loved the movie we were watching tonight when i saw it in the theater, but while watching it at home i couldn't have told you anything about it. I am just far too distracted. Too many other things that draw my attention away. I had no popcorn to keep me focused and in-line. Well maybe not, but i do love popcorn and soda when i am in the theater--it is after all in my opinion part of the whole movie watching experience. I thought about turning down the lights to give more of the theater effect in the room--but decided against in for fear i would fall asleep. I guess i just should have done it--at least now i would have a few hours of sleep under my belt.

So now here i am. Hot and cold all at the same time. 98% of me is plenty warm--overly warm--but my feet are chilled and i think that is why i am awake. I should put on socks but then i know i will be even warmer...OIE veeeh. not to mention that my heels are crusty and snagging on the sheets--I need to get a good pedi....Did I mention the headache? Or the slightly stuffed nose? Not stuffed enough to warrant drugs, but enough to bug me. Allergy season here we come. Maybe i should break down and take something for the headache...or not. Instead i will sit here and watch House--he is sure to put me to sleep--and give me nightmares in the process...

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Annette said...

I read your other post about "FUN".
I just wanted to say, I am praying for you guys. I wish he did Computer programing then we could hire him with SMS. You are LOVED!