Monday, March 21, 2011

Thoughts on SPRING

well it is official. Spring Break is over... that was the rude awakening that i was hit with this morning. I had gotten spoiled with the opportunity to sleep in last week. I took FULL advantage of each and every opportunity to ease into the day. I think while i was sleeping in, the sun decided to start popping up earlier... because when i woke up today (at my normal early time) there it was, as if saying to me "get up you lump of lard". Well, maybe the sun doesn't use that kind of language-- (that was more of me willing myself to get out of bed.) Instead the sun was reaching out as if telling me to enjoy the early morning sunrise because it will be coming earlier and earlier, and with that the HEAT! I am not ready for that-- I figured i was done with layering my clothes, wearing my sweatshirt and even socks, so you can imagine my surprise when i opened up the door to walk out and turned back around to grab my sweatshirt. What a pleasant surprise--staving off the heat for one more day. It was overcast and ended up raining for a large portion of the day--it was BEAUTIFUL--as if it was washing away the dirt of winter and freshening the earth in preparation of spring. (I almost felt guilty enjoying the rain since my cousin and her family were down here from Oregon to enjoy our sunshine and warmth)
I noticed my trees which had been dormant for the winter starting to spring new blossoms.
It was a rough winter on my plants--many were killed off with a few nights of below freezing temps--imagine my surprise when i saw the white flowers popping up on my pile of sticks that i had left in the ground. Just when i was about to give up on that plant it found a way to muster up some life--I guess that is what spring is about--not giving up. Transition. Change. Becoming NEW. So with 9 weeks left of school we are in the final stretch--Changes will be coming--Transitions. Not sure i am ready for all of them. I guess when i start to feel overwhelmed I need to remember to look to the sunrise which makes getting up easier, and those plants and flowers that refused to give up. Somewhere along the way I can muster up the strength to bloom amidst adversity.

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