Monday, March 28, 2011

When will this FUN end?

Dont'cha just love ADVERSITY?
(said with a slight note of sarcasm, well maybe not slight!?)
Or how about those trials/tribulations
that you know will eventually end,
but you keep waiting for that day to come....

in all it wonder,
and pain
can be exhausting some days.

I realize that it takes the bitter,
to appreciate the sweet,
and without the bad,
we could not truly enjoy the good--
but i think i have had my fair share of the bitter lately--
not that things couldn't always be worse--
but they certainly could be better!?
We are ready for better.

We are getting really good at the
"hurry up and wait game"...
only to be disappointed...
Nothing like,
"always the bridesmaid...
never the bride"--
or "second place...
also known as first loser",
or "close but no cigar".
If it is a cliche about ALMOST getting what you want,
it fits our situation.!

Poor hubby got another one of those calls today...
He was the guy. (or he was supposed to be)
His/our waiting was to be over...
but it didn't exactly work out that way--
Feeling frustrated,
and disappointed
he went to drown his sorrows by watching Jeopardy--
and low and behold there was some clown on the TV instead--(some people refer to him as the president)
My poor hubby.
He had all he could take--
if you can't watch Jeopardy and have no desire to listen to the president ramble on, the next best thing he could do was to buy two tacos from Jack in the Box and drown his sorrows in some fake meat, cheese and a healthy(?) dose of grease, which he did, and then promptly came home and ate them while watching Leave it to Beaver.

It is good to be reminded of
happier times....
All of which we hope will return to our home--
sooner than later, we hope--

This scripture has brought me some peace...
especially this time of year.

These things I have spoken unto you,
that in me ye might have PEACE.
In the world ye shall have TRIBULATION:
but be of GOOD CHEER;
I have overcome the world.

St John 16:33

My prayer is that we can all find peace in our tribulations
and that we can remember the things we are blessed with,
and that we can remember it is only momentary
(even if it feels like those moments go on and on....)


Annette said...

I love your posts, especially this one. I can see into your heart! I love you and pray for the two of you. PEACE, TRIBULATION and GOOD CHEER!

Kari Whiting said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the job interview thing. I think of you guys often and hope and wish for him to get the job he needs and wants for your family. I wish we could see the end so we could at least know what to look forward to. I love you and your family.