Monday, February 14, 2011

Keeping my kids on their toes

Since today is February 14Th, Valentines Day, perhaps I should start out this blog entry by wishing you and those you love a happy day.
But i won't.
I am not a fan, big or otherwise of this Hallmark Holiday.
I am the bah humbug, scrooge of Valentines day.
It is not that I was ever spurned on the Holiday, or that those I love didn't show me proper appreciation on that particular day. It is actually the opposite. My attitude has always been that if you need a specific day/holiday to remind you to show your love, is it really real? I have seen husbands and wives upset over this day because they felt slighted by their love. I have single friends that feel this is a day to remind them that they are single. So I have boycotted this overpriced, over commercialized, heart and flower day for many years.

Early on in my relationship with the hubsters we agreed NOT to do anything on this particular date--instead opting for the random acts of love/thoughtfulness throughout the year. He was NOT to buy me overpriced flowers on Valentines--instead choosing to buy them randomly at various times during the year, "just because". This has worked for us. We save a ton of money and don't feel like we have been scalped by those taking financial advantage of this particular day. We also take each other out for a bite to eat "just because"--instead of fighting for reservations at a particular restaurant on a "holiday". We leave all that stuff up to the real romantics--which i am decidedly NOT one. I am just to pragmatic...too low maintenance to allow a holiday to get my knickers in a wad over how I am shown that I am loved on that one particular day. In my mind it is the 364 days prior that really count.

Now that i have told you how i really feel about this day, let me get to the real reason behind this blog post.


Yes, this is about my children and their knowledge of how I view this particular day. In some ways I fear have doomed them! What if they find and marry someone who has a different belief about the day? Someone who views this day as important? I can see some of them being in the proverbial doghouse for my belief...the belief they have been raised with. My children know about my feelings about this particular day. In their mind i have become
Being their mom and having lived with me ALL their lives they think they know what makes me tick. You can imagine their surprise when i actually broke down and decorated for this loathed holiday.

It wasn't just one child that i had wondering what i was doing,
It was all of them.
Or at least the four that can actually verbalize their shock and awe.
As i was making this cute wreath on night my oldest son asked what I was making. (I had made the LOVE blocks earlier with my girlfriend and she had a cute wreath like this hanging up as well, and of course i needed one to complete my look)
I told him. He then asked if i felt OK. "Why yes" I responded. "Why do you ask?" "Well Mom. I know you HATE Valentines day and am wondering WHY you are making a wreath for it?" I just sort of laughed it off.

Then my oldest daughter made the comment to my husband that she thought i was having a mid life crisis? He asked her why? She responded "Because Mom is decorating for Valentines Day" We had a pretty good laugh about that. When i asked her about it she just shook her head. She just doesn't get it. Just when they thought they knew me and what made me tick.

I totally have thrown my children for a loop

--I have them off guard wondering?

What they don't get is that i needed a creative outlet
and despite my dislike for the holiday, i do love to decorate.

I don't dislike the idea of LOVE
--I love LOVE.
(especially when it turns out as cute as this covered in old buttons)

LOVE is what makes the world go round.
LOVE is important.

We all need to know we are loved.
--maybe that is why I DON'T NEED Valentines Day.
I know I am loved.
I am secure in that knowledge.With that being said, it doesn't hurt to be reminded to show your love. I guess maybe Valentines day is a good thing for some...those that need the reminder. For me I will be content to just put up the cute decorations and hope that it rubs off on those around me.

I do love them

and more than anything
i LOVE keeping them on their toes.
P.S. It was a good thing that i took pictures of my shelf when i did, because I woke up the next day to find it all over the couch--somehow one of my brackets on my shelf came loose--don't ya just LOVE when things break :)

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middle age mormon mother said...

Very impressive! I LOVE your decorations. I hope you got your shelf back up in time to decorate for St. Patty's Day.