Tuesday, February 22, 2011

When good art goes WRONG

I have been wanting to post these picture for awhile.
I have been hanging onto them for the perfect day.
I figured the time had come.
After all it is February
--the month of LUV.
What screams love more than a cute cherub.

I love how they strategically placed his drape as to be a modest cherub. After all you don't want a porno cherub hanging in the house. Then this also bears the question: "Are they male? Female? Or are cherubs a sexual?" Inquiring minds want to know---or, at least i do now that i am writing this.

Now, I don't really think that this is a really cute cherub. I recently saw this on a lovely (tongue in cheek) piece of art work. I had to get real close to the picture to actually see what it was. I was intrigued. Oh the lovely artwork it was...The cherub was dimensional, as to stand out.

Then you had these lovely working,
yes, I said WORKING lights in the picture

I mean it is not everyday that your wall art also double as a night light.
Or maybe,
it was MOOD lighting.
After all, a cherub with mood lighting?
Who wouldn't be in the mood with this lovely piece of ART
(Have you noticed that i continue to say lovely?
I think i need to pull out the thesaurus,
and yes, i am using that word lovely loosely)
hanging above their couch.
Well there it is folks. That little blob in the middle--on the top of the fountain is the dimensional cherub. Why? Oh WhY, did i not find the money in my purse to pick up this lovely (there is the word again) maybe i should say interesting art piece....well, we will just leave it at that.

Scary part is...someone did buy it.
Personally, I am hoping this was a one of a kind.

NEVER to be duplicated again
just too much blue for me.....

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