Thursday, February 17, 2011

My charmer

My fourth child has always been a charmer.

Maybe it is the dimples on his cheek and his BEE-UTE-IFUL blue/green eyes
This has always been one of my most favorite pictures of this punk.
Perhaps it is his fun personality,
or his guns he likes to show off
(how many boys do you know that can pull off pink sequence?)
Or his ability to rock the "gangsta' look"

He loves little kids--including his own brother

Today found me with a horrible headache after a long day at work. I came in and crashed on the couch. My son had just started a movie on Netflix--TRON--not exactly what i had in mind to decompress to. I looked around the room and it looked like a bomb had gone off. Seeing my son just vegging there I started a conversation with him, and this is how it went

Me: have you done anything around the house today?
(knowing full well that NOTHING had been done)

Son: "mommy, have i told you how much i love you"
(batting his long eyelashes and flashing me a grin)

me:( Ignoring his attempt to sway me)
"Like i asked before. Have you done anything today?"

Son: "But you are the best mommy,
(said in the most condescending,
sickening sweet voice
a 14 year old boy could muster up)

Me: "It would be nice if you would do something to show me that you love me"
(me, thinking the "showing" would involve a chore of some kind)

Son: (Reaches over and gives me a KISS???)
"That is showing you, or would you prefer a hug instead?"
(this coming from my child who runs the other direction when i try to elicit a hug)

I caved
--melted as it were.
--gave in, or better yet gave up.
If he is gonna to go to that extreme to get out of doing a job who am i to argue?
And quite honestly i just didn't have it in me anyway.

Who knew that under those beautiful eyes,
dimples, and the hat held a devious mastermind.

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Marina said...

He really is a mistermind :)))