Friday, February 11, 2011

Note to GOD

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thought i would drop you a note in case you have been too busy to hear me lately. I have always found a bit of irony when teams sit down and pray before a game that they will win. What if the other team is praying for the same thing as well? Does it come down to who God loves best?--cuz i have always been taught that you love all of your children. Do you have favorites?--or do you base your answer to the prayer on who is being the most obedient to your commandments at the time? I have found myself praying the prayer of success the last few days...Not so much a prayer against the opponent...but a prayer for strength, and the desire to win. That my son can do his best. It is hard being the mom. Watching your child work so hard at their goals... You want your kids to succeed and to do their best. Heavenly Father, I am sure you are torn with the same emotions. Does it come down to your will or the preparation prior to the event? I find that those simple prayers I have uttered in my sons behalf are more for me--calming my nerves that I will be OK with the outcome--but Heavenly Father, if it is YOUR will, can you please let him WIN? We need a win in our lives these days.
I would really appreciate any help you can give us/me in this matter.
Thanks for listening.
Your most grateful daughter

P.S. Not to be greedy and want all of your help and blessings but if you could please see a way for my hubby to find a job i would REALLY LOVE that

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