Sunday, January 27, 2008


Well, not actually here-- I have a new niece--Emily made her appearance in Denver on Sat around 7:30 in the morning--just a little thing at 6lbs 11oz and 19 1/4 long. It was so cute to talk to my brother and hear the emotion in his voice--there are some things that have to be experienced in life in order to truly understand. It is amazing the love that overflows for these new little beings--i only wish i was closer so i could snuggle and love on her,unwrap her and kiss those cute baby toes. There is something intoxicating about the smell of a new baby. When all my other nieces and nephews were born we were in the thick of our own kids--so a new baby was not that big of a deal--being remove from the baby stage i am so excited to watch her grow and savor the moments because i am learning that they go by far to fast.
Speaking of time flying my baby lost another tooth today--that's three so far. He now has a gap in the top of his mouth. They don't stay little forever.

Most of the toilet paper got cleaned up before the rains fell--and the stuff that remained in the top of the tree has almost disintegrated--it has rained most of the day and we have some large puddles to show for it--i want you to know that i resisted the urge to take off my shoes and run through a really large puddle after church--I decided that it would be too cold---but the kid in me was still trying to coax me into it--So instead i had to be content to drive through the puddles by the curb and splash the sidewalks--i did make sure that no one was on them when i did it.(lol) I do love the rain--such a nice change from the Sun. I never thought i would say that---I think the sun has baked my brain.

So here's what i found out about our little visitors--Hubby heard voices and assumed that jordyn was on the phone in her room so he went to check on her and she was dead asleep--on his way back down the stairs he popped his head out the door to see the wonderful work of art. So the identity of our late night visitors still remains a mystery?!

Mom is doing better and is expected to come home tomorrow--keep your fingers crossed

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