Thursday, January 24, 2008

So life really does happen--sometimes for good ,sometimes times for BAd and sometimes just to make us laugh. We do our best--sometimes its just to get out of bed and shower and sometimes we have absolutely no control of the things that happen to us. It is those moments that attitude is everything. One of my favorite sayings is TIME+CRISIS=HUMOR---i have found this to be so true in my life. It is amazing how in hind sight you can laugh about things. I try to live my life that way--glass half full---doesn't always work but i try. Then there are those days when i want to just chuck the glass or as of late the glass just continues to get spilt--usually in a moving vehicle. I guess the final straw was the 32oz drink that i spilt on the drivers side seat in my husbands company car yesterday--can you say just a little upset--HiM not Me. I told him that of course i did it on purpose because i wanted to have soda all over me and my pants. Anyway the seats did need to get cleaned and now we really have a reason to get it done. And then there was the hot chocolate that went flying in the van--now while i was driving the vehicle i do have to say that it was my bosses fault for making me come in on my day off to take a random drug test. How is all that related? Well here's the deal--Much to my amazement I got Friday off so I could go down to Tucson and watch my son and nephew (and team) wrestle in this tough tournament. I planned on getting the baby on the bus and walking out the door---but you know the saying "the best laid plans" went out the door when i got the call to come into work before i left and "pee" in a cup. I don't worry about passing the test it's just being able to go potty to pass the test that i stress about. So i got the kids out the door and stopped by QT (drink bar heaven in my book) i picked up a hot chocolate (cuz i was stuffed up )and went ahead and bought a 32oz Pepsi in the hopes of slugging it down so i could pass the "peeing" part. Got to work just after 8am and proceeded to wait in line and sign my paperwork--i get my sample cup and proceed to walk into the bathroom which for the purpose of drug testing was the MEN'S bathroom. I don't know about all women but when i see urinals on the wall my body does not want to perform in that situation. I did manage to go---just NOT enough. I was trying to will myself for a few more drops but NOTHING. I was hoping that the line he had drawn on the side of the cup was exaggerated but it wasn't. So i had three hours to perform again---in my mind the clock was ticking---I wanted to be on my way as soon as possible. So I finished my soda--filled the cup with water twice and managed to drink about 80oz in less than an hour--needless to say i did not have performance problems the second time--in fact my cup overfloweth. I will go on record saying it was a lovely light shade of yellow(my mom would be proud) I signed all the paper work and then went to the bathroom again before i left work. I left work at 9:40 (wrestling match started at 10:30 with an hour and half drive ahead of me) I drove about 5 miles before i had to go to the bathroom again--i did manage to hold it till the rest stop 20 minutes later--That is where the hot chocolate went flying--in my hurry to get off at the rest stop i didn't anticipate the hard right bank that i needed to take to get to the parking area. And because my bladder was killing me i hadn't drank any of it and it went flying into the door. Ran into the rest stop and got rid of the remaining 60oz--filled my now empty cup up and wet down the hot chocolate so it wouldn't be a complete sticky mess and jumped back in the van and flew to Tucson. I missed my son's match by 5-10 minutes---what a bummer. So these days when i am in the car or any moving vehicle I am going for the empty cup--it's a lot less messy that way.

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