Monday, January 28, 2008

haPpY HapPy JoY jOy

Kaycie had something to cheer about tonight. She sure enjoys it and seems so natural always with a smile on her face.

?Do you ever have those days where you are just happy?---no reason in particular but you just feel joy and content with the way your day is going? Today was one of those days--just a regular day but i felt as if i was going to burst---or like i had tOo much caffeine(which wasn't the case) Anyway i had tried to sign up for a scrapbook class last week with one of my most favoritist teachers (Pam Black---she is amazing) and then i come to find out the class was full---bummer for me (good for her); anyway i had put my name on a waiting list and today i got the call that i there was a spot for me---YEAH for ME!! A dear friend came over and mopped my kitchen floor for me helping her with a project--again YEAH for ME!! i love having a clean floor--i just hate doing it. Mom came home from the hospital--home and doing well.-Yeah for HeR. Baby M will be sleeping in her home for the first time tonight and my brother and sis probably won't be sleeping but none the less YEAH for tHeM!!!

Alex lost his other upper tooth tonight--with much help from his older sister. She gave it a strong PuSh instead of a TuG and he ended up swallowing the tooth--does that count as extra calcium in his diet?

Speaking of calcium --i made some PANNA COTTA tonight --recipe via my favorite Italian restaurant. YUMMY!! If mine turns out half as good as theirs i will be doing the HAPPY DANCE!! Of course i will need to so my arteries don't clog up-- after all the main ingredient is CREAM--no wonder i like it so much!! Take joy in the simple pleasures in life!!!

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