Wednesday, January 30, 2008


So i went to the scrapbooking class and i will just say that i had a blast--it was so fun to be creative--ok well maybe i didn't design the project but it sure was fun putting it together. So the books we made were titled "I love life" and "joy in the simple things" Those titles got me thinking--that---and this "survey" that a friend sent me. One of the questions was "what is your favorite day of the week?" As i pondered that and other questions the thought came to my mind that my favorite day of the week is the one that i wake up and know that i am alive to live another day. I do love life---it does have it's moments?!! The other day the prophet of our church passed away at 97 years old--someone made the comment that it was sad. My response took me and them by surprise--that i didn't think it was. Living a good full life with those you love around you till you are 97 is pretty amazing. I think about him after his wife passed away and the joy he must have felt when they were reunited. I really do believe that this earth is not the end and that when we pass on there will be such happiness--only sorrow for those we left behind.(sorry i got a little deep there)

i've also been thinking about the word JOY--what is Joy?--According to my kids dictionary it is a feeling of great happiness or a person or thing that brings great happpiness. So i have been thinking about what brings me JOY. We had a bishop that spoke quite often on that topic. It is amazing the things that i thought of that bring me JOY---sometimes i realize that it is just taking the time to appreciate the simple things around you that can bring you joy--quite often it is the normal things that we take for granted but when you stop and see them for what the are they can bring you joy.
For instance--a sunset---instead of seeing the sun in your eyes and the traffic around you. Or how about your kids snuggling together on the couch--instead of them not doing their chores. And then there is the favorite dessert that you love---we won't even count the calories. Maybe joy is all in the perspective of the way you watch your life. Sometimes it's good just to sit back and be the observer--the view can be amazing if you give it the time. So cyberspace here is my challenge--i want you all to stop for a moment and reflect on the things that bring you joy--they can be the simple,the ordinary or even the extrodianary but savor them for what they are--blessings in your life. I know i am blessed for i can look around and find so many things that bring me joy.

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