Wednesday, February 6, 2008

a Glimpse..

Tonight was a bit odd---i got a glimpse of what it will be like without the bulk of my kids around. The oldest four were all off to various places tonight and that left Me-the Hubby and the baby to fend for ourselves. We went out to dinner--(at Native New Yorker) normally when we go there it is with whole group in tow--we are so big that we are an automatic gratuity (which irritates the husband) and we have a standard fare with a variety of items that we order that fits everyones appetite. Tonight we actually had to think about what we were going to get and we had to eliminate some items because there was no way we could eat it all. It was just odd--I can't remember Alex ever playing the role of the only child--it seems that we have always had more than one child with us and Alex. Even sitting in the booth had to be readjusted. I realize more each day how the time with my kiddo's is fleeting, and before i know it, it really will be just the three of us left around the table.

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