Sunday, February 24, 2008

black and blue

Another tooth has been lost--what is in the water at our house? I am happy to report that this time it was in Ryan's mouth--many more out of Alexs' and he won't be able to bite anything. Alex came home with a black eye on Friday--so between that and the missing teeth he looks like a real brute--but what a sweetie when he sleeps.

Just pray for a tough hide
and a tender heart. Ruth Graham


mindy said...

love the quotes. i want to make sure i spelled your name correctly in my link leigh ann with a space or scrunced together leighann??
let me know. protein and chocolate are great.

mom of fab five said...

Mindy--It is actually Leigh Ann but i get lazy at times and scrunch and don't capitalize where i am supposed too. Whatever--it all works for me

Anonymous said...

Whose been beating up on your son? If it happened at school I can send Jaron after the bully. That would scare them I bet!

{connie} said...

just gonna ask the same thing? poor guy. what happened? don't they always look so peaceful when they sleep. it's those moments that remind me how blessed i am.