Friday, February 22, 2008


.....And the moon sees ME.....Last night i was driving home just as the moon was rising----it was InCrEDibLe!! It was so big and bright--kinda a golden yellow color. It almost didn't look real. It brought me back to when I was a child and i remember coming home from church and convinced that the moon was following me--i will admit that it concerned me a bit. I have since figured out---Sometimes it is taking the ordinary everyday things and stopping to appreciate the beauty that we often take for granted.

Savor life's tiny delights---

a crackling fire,
a glorious sunset,
a hug from a child,
a walk with a friend,
a cup of soup,
a kiss behind the ear.
-John Anthony

Let's take the time to pause and enjoy the moment.
It's the simple things in the here and now that really make life beautiful.

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mindy said...

hey there! yes, i would never get a permanent tattoo and i never intentionally corrupt anybody (unless they are willing) hee hee
i am going to need some help with a scrapbooking project. can i call on you to help? life is good and i love your blog? can i link you? can i can i?