Thursday, February 14, 2008

Off the Market

Children need love, especially when they do not deserve it.
-----Harold S. Hulbert----

O.k. so with the drive to Yuma I had some time to "cool" off and the said child is off the market. He won't be sold today but that's not saying he won't be in the future. He did apologize and we can only hope (keep your fingers crossed here) that he actually learned and won't repeat the crappy behavior. SOooo we are still on the rollercoaster of parenthood--hopefully on the part that doesn't leave us screaming to get off the ride. Wrestling is over for the highschool season--WHEW---i am glad that it is over--fun while it lasted but i was ready for the end. Even though Jake ended with some losses they were really good matches---He was happy overall. The team lost by 6 points--giving up 12 points to forfeit but thats O.K.---it just means that we won't have to go and wrestle Sunnyside and lose tonight--and we would lose--anyone who wrestles them will lose---the only question is by how much. So now we actually get to spend Valentines Day together doing what we want instead of sitting in a stinky gym---YEah for US.

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