Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I have just gotten my driving directions to a school in Tucson--where i will be traveling to this afternoon. Lots of time to think and ponder while i drive. I wonder what profound thoughts i will come up with? I am the "lucky" bus driver for this team--and since this is the first playoff game i hope my "Luck" will rub off. So what really is luck? Is there such thing as good or bad luck?

"All of us have bad luck and good luck.
The man who persists through the
bad luck -
who keeps right on going -
is the man who is there when the
good luck comes -
and is ready to receive it."

In the case of most things in life i really believe this next quote to be the truth--it is the time we spend in preparation that will make the difference in our lives. Do we take the time necessary to create the "LUCK" in our lives? And when something good (or bad) happens do we view it solely as "LUCK"? Maybe our "LUCK" is based on the choices (big and small) that we make on a daily basis. It could be catching the Flu--(bad luck) but perhaps if i had washed my hands more i would have (good luck) not gotten it. Sometimes it is really the small things that can change our luck.

"Be ready when opportunity comes...Luck is the time when preparation and opportunity meet"

Well with those deep thoughts i am off--my goal today is to drink more water---if i accomplish my goal i just hope that i am "LUCKY" enough to not have my bladder explode.


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{connie} said...

leigh ann, you are so fuNnY girl!!! what is even more fuNnY is that i ended my blog tonight with a song called love and luck! then i come and read your blog and just smiled. great quotes. i love that i find a new one on your blog that i haven't heard before. hope you had a safe and {lucKy} day todaY with no accidents, no pun intended, hehe. *hugs* good nite