Thursday, February 7, 2008

ThRoW dOWn ThurSday

it is amazing that in just a few short years you can become so dependent on something you lived without for the vast majority of your life. You know what i am talking about---the little modern technology called the cell phone. Today my little one decieded that my phone needed a bath--Kevin had bought me the one that was supposed to be virtually indistructable--i think the key word is supposed--do you suppose they dipped it into water to see if it was water-proof? I think NOT!! So for today i have been handicapped and have managed to lived my life without my lifeline--kinda a quiet day, well as quiet a day as you can get sitting in a gym with the whistles blowing and people screaming. It turned out to be a great day---first day of the state wrestling tournament--and things have gone well. My nephew kicked some butt and won his first 3 matches, Jake won his first 2 and then had to wrestle a state placer from last year--he lost the match but i saw some amazing growth from him. He did not give up and was tough till the end. I am so proud of him. He went on and man handled the next kid--picking him up and throwing him down!! He said he had wanted to try some of these moves and finally had the chance to--and he liked it! He did make me a bit crazy during the last 30 seconds but we won't talk about that since "all's well that end's well." So tommorow we have some more matches and then hopefully they will be wrestling on Saturday in the championship round.....

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