Tuesday, February 26, 2008

music to my ears

tonight i had the opportunity to attend my daughters orchestra concert. It is amazing the progress these kids can make in just a few short years.

While they did a wonderful job the real music to my ears came in the form of clicking computer keys as my oldest decided to look up schools she might be interested in swimming at(her interest in anything let alone swimming has been waning as of late) So while she was looking up colleges she filled out an application for Grand Canyon University. She went off to babysit and when she came home there was a phone call for her from the recruiter! He wanted her to attend a meeting this week and when he found out she was only a junior he told her that he wasn't even supposed to be initiating verbal dialog with her, but if she wanted to talk to him she could call him. Hopefully this will be the thing to get her motivated--she is so much more focused when she is busy and balanced. The physical really does help her balance the mental part of school. Now to narrow down her list to where she thinks she would like to go--Alaska? maybe after all you could wear cute boots there. (Oh the things we base our choices on.) Wherever she decides it will have to be her choice--something she will have to live with. Kinda scary watching your children grow up and make adult decisions--all we can give is impute at this point--for what that is worth.

Motivation is a fire from within.
If someone else tries to light
that fire under you,
chances are it will burn very briefly.

Stephen R. Covey


Annette said...

Oh how true. My oldest came home from Scouts and had a fist fight with one of the other deacons. He just tired of them calling him names and let one fist fly and then the other kid let 5-6 fly at him. He was so upset last night. It is so hard not to step in and take over all the sitution. But he has to figure out how to handle name calling and how to handle his anger. I hate the Junior High Years. I wish I could follow him around and tell all the kids that tease him to leave him alone. But That is not do able plus that does not let him grow and figure things out for himself. Wish him and me luck for the next couple of years.

{connie} said...

thank you for this amaZing quote! it is truly what i needed to read this morning. i know you will see this again soon... on my blog. can't wait to see ya. hope you have a grEat wednesday! *hugs*