Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Who said that boys are easier to raise than girls? I don't think they had boys if they said it---while you can blame girls mood swings on "that time of the month", what do you blame boys whacked out ways on? I have one 15 year old that i am willing to sell to the Gypsies for real CHEAP--infact i would be willing to give the said child away. The crappiest part is that he knows he is being a selfish jerk and letting people down and he can't snap out of it. UGH--this being a parent thing SUCKS!!!! I just want my sweet,kind obedient child back---this too shall pass--RIGHT?

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Annette said...

LeighAnn- Maybe we could sell our two boys together. Maybe a 2 for one deal. Smile wink wink. Love ya, Annette