Monday, February 18, 2008

Pazookie for breakfast

It is the end of the day and i am pleased to report that Alex is still alive and his reign of terror was limited to this morning. At 7:30 tonight he was asking to go to bed (or the comfy chair as the case may be) and yet he is still awake? Go figure--i just hope that once he is asleep he stays asleep tonight. My glasses got fixed and we now have food in the house thanks to the marathon shopping trip to Costco and Sam's Club. I think with the amount that i spend at those stores i really should invest in some stock. I took Jake with me and it was great having a teenage boy to load the car--we had a nice afternoon together(he even hugged me in public) We had to return his MP3 player at Costco (it was the third one that had broken) and in return he ended up getting an upgrade--hence the hug. I asked him "so do you think you deserve this?" He responded "probably not" referring to his bad behavior last week--And when i told him to get "whatever" he gave me the look "you mean it?" Ahhh the simple things to make your kids like you. They did all clean their rooms today with a minimal amount of fighting--laundry didn't happen--I guess i will leave that fun for tomorrow. I failed to mention that while we were trying to get Alex lip to stop bleeding he lost another tooth--I'm getting a little concerned about his ability to bite his food at the rate his teeth are falling out-- O.k. so here is a quote to end the night on--anyone who had their children home all day are sure to understand and sympathize with it---

"Children are a house's enemy. They don't mean to be--
--they just can't help it.
It's their enthusiasm, their energy, their natural destructive tendencies.
--Delia Ephron

Oh and i have a confession to make--we had PAZOOKIE for breakfast--some of us had peanut butter(which counts as a protein) and then there was the White chocolate Craisin (it has coconut, and oatmeal which counts as fiber and the craisins count as a fruit group) It was covered with vanilla ice cream so that counts as calcium for the day. So i think all told it really wasn't as bad for us as first impression lead you to believe. And just for the record we really don't eat like this all the time--HONEST.


Anonymous said...

Jayce was devasted today when he found out that Winston Churchill was fat and bald. I think it just gives more credibility to this quote. He must of always held out hope that he could lose weight and grow hair, or was he referring to something political??


Anonymous said...

Put some clothes on those children

{connie} said...

love your quote!!! i am a quote freak too. as for was dad stuck home with them and i was at work, hehe. you are such a good mom! i do not do breakfast so the kids are on their own.