Monday, February 11, 2008

Meltdown Monday

Actually it was a tough weekend and left me not wanting to get out of bed today...i will, but begrudgingly. Thanks so much for a dear friend letting me vent this morning---it didn't change the situation but atleast it felt better to verbalize and have someone listen-----thank you...thank you...thank you. When the kids were born no one explained how hard and painful raising them would be sometimes! I think i could even manage it if they took turns having their crisis instead of all of the all at once---but probably not. There is a reason that i have NO desire to go back to the highschool years----way tooooooooo much drama!!! Found out that a kid we knew got busted for selling pot at school---it hit too close to home for my comfort. The things that our kids have to deal with on a daily basis--WaY tOuGh!!! I am trying to hug my kids more--which is hard when they are teenagers and they don't want you to. I have always said that Alex (even with all his issues) has been such a blessing in our home--he is the glue that binds us together.
He is like the dog that will lick your face and love you even when you have kicked it--that is our sweet boy. In the midst the drama at our house he gave the hugs and kisses that needed to be given.
When the oldest was melting down he showed up and gave her that unconditional love that she needed--and she was willing to accept it from him. Thank goodness for a glimpse of the good stuff that makes being a parent worthwhile.

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