Sunday, February 17, 2008


So my quote for the day went something like this--
"The only true joy and happiness you find is within yourself."
While i totally believe that we do create our own joy and happiness it sure is nice when someone else can do something to help bring it into your life. Happiness does beget happiness. This morning before i started the "coronation countdown" I managed to find a moment to read my E-mail. A friend sent me one that she had composed herself and it brought me to TEARS i was laughing so hard--what a great way to start the day.! Coronation went off without a hitch---well i did run out of eggs,flour,coconut and brown sugar (at this point you think i would have gone to the store--but instead my mom bailed me out--i guess it is time i returned to Costco)but that was for the cookies at the end of the night so i had time to get it together. My plan was to post pictures tonight but the camera was left at Grandma's house--but i can say, and i will post the proof later on that they all looked BEAUTIFUL!!I never really thought about how long Jordyn's lashes are--they are the kind that are supposed to be on a guy they are soooooooo long. I mean this girl hardly wears makeup--she looks amazing when she does(YES i do realize i am the biased mother speaking here) so now i am sitting up waiting for the kids to get home---not from the dance but from--shall we say "paybacks"? The kids got home from the dance and were playing a game when i went out front and found a note with a single roll of toilet paper that said "mission accomplished"--We were all a little perplexed until we were enlightened by my niece as to who she thought was behind the note---I usually don't condone t-peeing but paybacks on the night they got you i feel is just too good to pass up--(i forgot to mention that they t-peed Jordyn's dates house.) So i sent them off with the instruction not to get caught and to take pictures and if they do i will post them.---My friend that made me laugh this morning mentioned that i shouldn't write anything i don't want the whole world to read--so i am hoping that the part of the world that is being t-peed doesn't read my blog--if they do I will say to you (with a very straight face) "i tried to talk them out of it--I had no idea--and i was just kidding about the instruction thing and if a picture of your house shows up on my blog it is purely by coincidence"LOL

Here's to being HApPy---may we all be blessed with the ability to laugh at life

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